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Wooden Crates, Wooden Pallets, Shipping Crates and Strappings

Welcome to JJ Specialised Pallets & Crates

JJ Specialized Pallets & Crates is committed to providing outstanding levels of service and products to our clients, always there when you need us with prices that are competitive in the market. We strive to provide our clients with sustainable solutions for all their crate, pallet and strapping needs.

Our range extends from steel and nylon strapping to the skeleton solid or plywood builds. We offer delivery of our product as well as a collection option, in addition, your goods can be crated at our premises and collected when ready. Our pallets and crates are manufactured from heat treated timber and can also be fumigated after the build if required.

Parameters of build considerations include:

Application specific tolerances

versus cost




For our customer’s stringent export and destination requirements, we at JJ Specialised Pallets & Crates, have developed various pallet and crate building procedures, enabling sensitive product and packaging to be shipped throughout the world. As a service we will be willing to assist you in the choice of packaging best suited for cargo, additionally we are ideally situated close to the airport.

We Specialise In:

Wooden Crates

Wooden Pallets

Shipping Crates


We Pride Ourselves in Workmanship & Experience

We pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship and aim to provide excellent customer service. We manufacture wooden pallets and crates for the local and export markets. Over the years, we have earned our great reputation for delivering quality products, hence we have become a leading supplier regionally. All our products are made with special attention to strength vs cost, rigidity, durability and functionality.

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